26 August 2011

Jade Remedies - A Chinese Herbal Reference for the West, Vol.2

Jade Remedies - A Chinese Herbal Reference for the West, Vol.2
Sn.w L.tus Pr | 1997 | ISBN: 1890029297 | 515 pages | PDF | 252 MB

This is truly a unique and extremely useful text because it presents the Chinese materia medica (almost 500 medicinals in all) in a Western/contemporary format that is easy to understand. The introductory sections to each body system very carefully delineate the differences between the anatomical organ-based Western pathology and the energetic meridian-based Oriental pathology, thereby demystifying Oriental medicine for many Westerners.

Jade Remedies is an excellent manual for both study and clinical use. It provides easy access to accurate, reliable and often referenced information for both traditional and contemporary uses of Chinese herbs. For example: n The end index is extensive and would be very useful for the busy practitioner or researcher, listing both symptoms, Western disease conditions and traditional Chinese syndromes. The different internal and topical preparations of the herb are completely described. The dosages are given in grams for the dried herb and mls for the standard tincture preparation, as more and more of these herbs (especially the big tonics) are becoming available in tincture form.

The Notes section to each herb gives the reader a more in-depth feel for the remedy in terms of its traditional uses, modern biochemical findings and contemporary applications for current disease, including allergies, autoimmune conditions, cancer, herpes, etc. This book is a creative, fresh approach that ultimately serves to promote a dialogue if not a working synthesis between the Western andChinese herbal systems. It is an essential resource for every herbalist or healthcare practitioner interested in using Chinese herbal medicine. Reviewed by Martha Moore, M.H., AHG as reprinted in HealthInform.

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